4 comments on “Oh Crap. I guess I’m done.

  1. Damn, bro. That sucks. Is there no way to recover from this? Maybe replace whatever is “bad?”

    • That’s what I’m trying to find out out. Just did a system restore and that did nothing. Damn near same thing happened back in July. And I can’t reinstall because autodesk fucked everyone with a perpetual license. I go to the forums and see what can be done since that fixed the problem last time,

      • Yeah, I remember you having this problem before. Hopefully, you can find a fix again. That sucks what Autodesk did to their licenses. It almost seems like class action lawsuit grounds, as “perpetual” literally means “continuing forever.”

  2. Ok, well I got an answer from the autodesk forums and it’s exactly the fix I did before. I actually thought it was that but I didn’t want to do it till I was sure.

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