5 comments on “Alt-TOS part 109

  1. Looking good, Fozz! What’s your specific design goals and inspiration for this particular ship? Kinda looks Kelvin-esque to me. I’ve always thought the Kelvin worked quite well as a pre-TOS ship (at least exterior-wise) so I’m looking forward to seeing this ship progress, even if it’s not meant to be pre-TOS.

    • Haven’t heard from you in awhile. 😀 I have no design goal in mind really just feel like doing it. There’s a little bit of the Kelvin in there but not much even though it is one of my favorite ship now.

      • Sorry about that, I’ve been busy getting ready to move!

        Well either way, it’s a great design and I have to say it’s one of my favorites, too. I LOVE your modelling work and I’m glad to see you doing something like this! Lately it seems you’ve just been doing a lot of greeble work, haha.

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