8 comments on “The Romulan War part 12

  1. I can’t believe how great that cut out in the forward sphere looks! I would have all kinds of smoothing issues if I ever tried that 🙂 Super!

  2. Fozz is a master! I love this design, and if you make the final hull color a TOS gunmetal grey instead of TNG green, I will weep tears of joy.

    I’m not sure if the disruptor emitter should be a hole, though; it kinda makes the whole cylinder look even MORE like a penis. I’d add regular gun barrels or something, anything besides a pee-hole at the end. Just my two cents…

    • I didn’t even notice the pee-hole thing. I thought about gun barrels and still might go back to them if I come up with something I like better then this. I’ve been thinking about something copperish with a hint of green. But I could probably go with grey.

      • Yeah, I’m sorry for making a crude comment like that, but I was just trying to give you some honest feedback. Maybe if you gave it a pair of disruptor holes instead of one single hole in the front, it would help to look less pee-hole-esque (if you want to avoid barrels, that is).

        If you go grey… you shall know what slavish devotion from a fan is. lol

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