8 comments on “Oops I did it again.

    • They’re not that bad. So far they are the only games I have any interest in. At least until Watchdogs comes out. The biggest disappointment I have is with the PS4 itself. It doesn’t play CDs or 3D movies.

      • I find it hard to believe that it doesn’t play CDs. They’re the most basic kind of optical disc and players that ca play anything more advanced should be able to play them. In fact, DVD players are required by law to have that ability and the thing can play DVDs. (I’be watched DVDs on my sister’s PS4.)

      • Update your software and CDs an MP3s will play. I did some searching and this was some stupid crap Sony did to force people to use their streaming service. After getting backlash on the web, they released a system update that fixes that.

    • Yeah, it’s just weird that they’re apparently blocking that feature. That’s just pissy. I think they’ve gone too far with the newer systems. Though, I’d still rather own one of these than the XBOX One.

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