3 comments on “Alt-TOS part 75: My Version Of Steve Neill’s U.S.S. Sirius.

  1. You don’t drive it enough, so it forgot how to work. That’s a new one. It sounds like you’re doing the sensible and humane thing with your father. He’s going to get the best care he can at a Hospice facility. Also, should you have to take him off of support, it will probably be for the best. There’s no need to make him suffer an agonizing death.

    I’m liking the details on the ship, it’s looking great so far. 🙂

  2. Well, I worked all day at getting my old quad core up and going. I have roughly stopped taking about half the meds those army doctors had me on and I can actually feel good enough to do some real work. It is nice to feel tired after a days work and not racked with pain. I have had some really bad days coming down off the drugs and I almost gave up trying it. Tried three different Cpu’s in the quad. One actually worked for a little bit until the blue screen of death hit me right square in the butt. I give up, no use in throwing more money at it. That is not to say the 8 core mac isn’t still running good. I love that baby… I need a power mac to run certain apps so I’ll just take the memory out of the quad and put the power mac dual core back in service.

    Tough, tough decision. I know my time is coming for deciding what to do with old folks. My 72 year old mother is going in for back surgery. I think she has waited ten years too long. I don’t think there is anyway it is going to come out right for her. I don’t think she is ever going to recover from it. My sister broke her back in two places here a while back just by coughing. Getting back to your father and for all it is worth, I think you are doing the right thing for both yourself and for him, I don’t envy you one little bit but will stand behind you. Yes, by all means. talk your decision over with some one where your father is concerned, if for nothing else then to cover your butt. All it takes is one A-hole doctor to cause you no end of grief.

    On to better things, I am thinking about taking Adobe up on their offer to use photoshop CS6 for twenty dollars a month to UV map my models and texture them. Sounds cheap if you say it fast…lol

    I love watching your work progress. Catch you later…

    • Personally I refuse to take any kind of meds. That includes the ones for my migraines no matter how painfull they are. I just don’t trust them.

      Well the old man is in good hands now so I’m not worried about. Just today the called me about four times to update me on what’s happening and they appear to very nice. Glad I made a last second change on where I wanted him sent.

      20 bucks a month doesn’t sound bad at all. I guess that’s a lease of some kind.

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