5 comments on “Alt-TOS part 74: My Version Of Steve Neill’s U.S.S. Sirius. And A Very Special Guest

  1. The Sirius is looking great. I like the other ship, though it’s a bit compact for my taste. I like my Enterprises long and leggy. 😉

    Though, you about freaked me out there. You were talking about your back feeling like a rubber band about to snap and then you said something snapped in your head. I’m thinking, “that doesn’t sound good,” and all kinds of medical things started flashing through my mind. Then I finally realized you were talking about an idea and not something literally snapping in your head. 😉

    • I just wanted to get the shapes out to see if some of my ideas might work. I’ll probably will work off of one of the Enterprise plans I have when I really start to put it together.

      The back pain is real though. 😀

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