5 comments on “Alt-TOS part 73: My Version Of Steve Neill’s U.S.S. Sirius. And A Tholian

  1. I had to smile, course it was a sad smile. The way you went from dropping a bomb shell and then went right to describing the work you have done. Count yourself special fellow. I knew my father didn’t have much time left and I stayed away from him. the idea of death scared me and I couldn’t bring myself to be near as it was happening. I knew it would be fast with my father. His heart was giving out and one minute he would be there and the next he would be gone. Your very special to handle this the way you have. You have given the full measure.

    Pardon me, but I don’t give a damn about your space ship at this moment. I can’t help but care about you at this moment. One of things that is very hard to do typing out words like I am. It is hard to know what is needed at a time like this. For some fellows a pat on the back is good, others want to be left alone so it is hard to know what kind of kindness is welcome at times like this. I am most likely over doing it with you but I will be there with my mother in law soon enough. My uncle has slipped into a coma and has started that death rattle thing. I hope you get to miss that, it is a horrible sound.

    • That’s just the way I am. I can departmentalize things real easy. I haven’t bothered to see my father anytime he’s been hospitalized. I just don’t really see what good it does for either us. It costs me money to get gas to go there and takes 40minutes to an hour to get there. Plus my family has never really been close. The only ones in my family I’ve ever been close to are my dogs and my little brother who actually my cousin. He lived with us his entire life so I’ve always considered him my brother.
      Personally for me. Im times like this I just like to keep moving on. Dwelling on this will drive you nuts even more so when you know you can’t do a damn thing about. The doctors are taking care of his medical needs. I have to think about the financial needs of both of us. That is my primary concern. I want to make sure that everything he spent his life to earn and leave for me doesn’t get pissed away. My future lies in what he’s left behind.

  2. I’m sorry to hear your father’s getting worse. It’s really sad that the doctors can’t do anything for him, besides making him as comfortable as they can.

    The ships are looking great. I honestly don’t even know how you manage to work on this stuff with everything going on like it is.

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