6 comments on “Alt-TOS part 72: My Version Of Steve Neill’s U.S.S. Sirius.

  1. At this point you half wonder whether you should be understanding and stoic about the time of passing coming near or pray for all you are worth that he live on. They just brought my favorite uncle home from the hospital to die. He has put up a big fight, living years after his doctors declared him to be dieing soon. He made it to ninety, that tough old buzzard bait. I wish you luck on your life’s journey where ever it may take you. One question comes to mind though….Are you going to be able to make a go of it money wise after he is gone….I sure hope so I know that is getting a little bit personal, but I consider us friends that by accident or design have never met…

    I am sort of an experiment myself. I got fed up with all the side effects of all those drugs the doc had me on. I fired the doctor and I am slowly freeing myself of all those drugs. I plan to use medical weed from here on out. the only side effect of weed is that I get high and I think I can learn to live with that…..lol Course it could be the weed doesn’t control my blood pressure as good as it should and I stroke out, but I am hoping it will. Besides, I liked firing my doctor…lol

    • He’s been delared close to death a couple of times. My brother was expected to die the night he went to the hospital but lived for about another year. It would be best for both of us if he did die as far as I’m concerned. Dementia is no way to live and I don’t want it to happen to me. If he does live he would have to probably be put in a nursing home and even with the money he put aside for me after his death there is no way I could manage if he is put in a death camp, oops I mean nursing home. Those thing just cost way too much.

      Well weed does make you hungry and sleep alot.

      • Well, My mother in law had another good day of driving my wife nuts. If this is going to be the way it is when I and the wife get older I sincerely hope I am not around to see it…..She is advancing pretty quick through some of the stages of dementia amazing it can happen so fast. Everything you say to her now has to be said at least twice. You have to make her stop moving and think about what you are saying to her. getting her full attention is sometimes very hard. She hates me as I make her stop in her tracks and look at me when I am about to ask her to do something. She tries to take off on me before I finish talking to her. The results are sometimes comical. I don’t know why the wife lets herself get so bothered by all of this. She is all the time busting into my office to say, “Do you know what she just did!” like we were going to string her up by her thumbs for screwing up. This can be an enjoyable time because as I say she is very comical at times. I used to play the tough guy with her as there for a while she was sneaking around and stealing food. well not really food but treats I bought for my self and no body else….lol
        My pet name for her back then was double D, or double dumbass but now that she screws up just about anything you ask her to do or get I am relaxing and almost enjoying the fact she is driving my wife nuts. My wife Micky just can’t get used to the fact that the mother she knew as a child is now gone and left this child behind that wears adult clothes. I still pick on her, most of the time it goes right over her head but I have stopped talking tough to her. I now spend time deflecting my wife’s anger from her mother.

        She loves to bother my wife when my wife is trying to do something. she picks that time to talk silly and tonight the wife yelled at her to go sit down and stay there while she fixes supper. She said, “We are not going to play that game tonight!” I almost laughed out loud when five minutes later she was back in the kitchen bothering the wife……lol It is a shame she can’t enjoy her for what she is now instead of bitching about her all the time…

        YES it is better when they get sick, suffer a bit and then die, those long good byes are hard on everyone and everything, like purse strings. plan to go see my uncle before he is gone if he can still have visitors that is.

  2. Sorry to hear about your dad’s difficulties.

    A side question. Are you excited about the new evel dead movie? I haven’t ssen the preview yet, but it seems crazy to have an evil dead movie without “Bruce Campbell”.

    • Yeah I like what they’ve done with the new Evil Dead. Looks like good old scary fun. And they are not playing for giggles it looks like full blown horror. Campbell is one of the producers so I don’t mind too much that he isn’t in it. Too bad they had to make a few cuts to avoid an NC-17 but we should get it on the Blu-Ray.
      Another thing that’s cool. With the new Blu-Rays of Star Trek The Next Generation being done they’ve shown a few of the upgraded episodes in theaters. The the third season coming soon they will be showing the full version of The Best Of Both Worlds. That I’m really interested in seeing. To bad it won’t be at Hollywood Boulivard because I could still play the drinking game. 😀

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