5 comments on “More Photos

  1. Hope we don’t lose you to shutter bugging. We are quickly getting to the point that my mother in law needs a lot of taking care of. She has lost the concept of time, forgets to look at a clock. We are trying to get her to act like an old person and just sit around, read or what ever, and not try to help us around the house like she is as she just gets in the way and makes more work for us. She talks mainly in nonsense god bless her and that drives the wife nuts so I have to keep reminding my wife to try and understand what the aging process is all about. I am hard of hearing and even if I can hear her I just act like I don’t hear her and she stops trying to talk at me.
    Never thought that would come in handy….lol

    I like the last pic here best, great idea there throwing two white cats across the pic at just the right time…….lol

    • My father is pretty much just like that because of his dimentia. Sometimes if he looks at the clock he doesn’t understand it. He never knows what day it is even though it says what day it his on his clock. He always thinks he’s helping me and just doesn’t get that bring wood and dirt into the house isn’t helping me. He’s afraid that someone is trying to steal all ou wood and dirt. I just tell him to let them steal it, we don’t need it. Lately he keeps thinking that someone else lives with us. His dimentia always gets a little worse in the winter and gets even worse when he is in the hospital. He can become very angry and confused.

      The last pic is my favorite but I like them all.

      • Thankfully, we are not at the point your father is at…..yet!!!!! It is nice that there is someone I know that is going through the same thing. It wouldn’t work for you perhaps, but I try to be the bad guy when the wife is nice to her and play the nice guy when my wife is getting on her about something. I always do and say things to make her think, that tends to help with her anger. There for a while she was throwing two year old type temper tantrums and I do mean throwing. She is better for now. There ought to be a book on this stuff we are going through. With her the changes come quickly, boom like over night. Some of the changes were so drastic we took her straight to the doctors, but thus far she has remained healthy. I am hoping she goes quick and not through some long illness….

  2. I like the foggy pics a lot, but I love the ones with the lights going across. The first one reminds me of hyperspace travel, the last one is just cool.

    • The first and last pic are basicly just the same pic but I was playing around with different shutter speeds and aperature settings. They are both just very happy accidents. Can’t wait to get another lens so I can take pictures of the moon.

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