9 comments on “Star Trek Federation Civil War part 83

  1. Hey, I now have an 8 core mac with 16 gig of ram. Makes a heck of a big difference working in the mac version of my modeling programs! Mac seems to handle memory much better. I can add a lot more detail to my models now.

    Speaking of detail, I am loving the work you are doing on this!!!!

    • Thanks. Not a fan of macs but Max doesn’t have a version that works with them. I know I can get windows on a mac but it would still be a mac. 😀 I get by fine with the 1gig of ram that I have.

      • I wasn’t suggesting anything to you. If you remember I work in hexagon and that program is memory and processor hungry. I am now even more amazed that you can do the work you do with the set up you have, absolutely amazed. I had reached a limit with my quad core and 8gig of memory with hexagon. Was having to do all kinds of little tricks as a work around. This mac has 8 terabits of hard drive space so I am running windows 7 too, but I find myself working more and more in snow leopard because the performance is better. I just wanted to let you know what I was up to these days. Keep up the great work, I love seeing your blog entries.

        I am slowly and I do mean slowly getting ready to try and sell my models. Any thoughts or advice? I don’t expect to get rich or even break even with time spent, but I see no advantages in just giving the stuff away…. Besides I will keep on doing what I am doing even if nobody wants it… Hope you had a great Christmas and I hope you have a happy new year!!!!

  2. That’s ok I didn’t think you where suggesting anything.
    I’ve never given much thought about selling my stuff. I might get around to it when I have more stuff done for my house model so I don’t have any usefull advise for that. But normally I don’t have much usefull advise for anything. 😀

    • Well I have some sixty models in various forms of finish. Most waiting for me to get a wild hair and do the texturing. I love the drawing part but I surely hate messing around with the texturing. Hexagon has a good texturing part to it but I am hard headed and it seems harder to to do in the program then in my other old faithful programs. Course I have to be in windows to us them. It is like I have a new computer. I had reached a limit in Hexagon and today I put the finishing touches on a very fancy three story. Course un like you I draw up just the outside..:-)

      I have to go back over the first twenty or so drawings I did as this is a learning process and I have learned a good deal since I starting drawing things up. Course I am not quite up to your level, (darn it)

      well, keep it honest, but cheat if you get the chance long as you don’t get caught….lol

      • Only sixty models. 😀 I used to hate doing textures but now that I’ve gotten used to it and recently learned how to unwrap them I find the textures just fun as the models.

        I’ve seen some of your stuff and it’s impressive work. I cheat all the time. 😀

      • for me texturing is very fussy work. there is always a little something that comes up and causes a problem. It stems from having such detailed buildings. I can’t unfold and texture in the same program and this leads to having to use three or four programs to get the textureing done. I think it a big bother. I am looking for some one to more or less go into business with me for a share of the profits, if there is to be any. I want to spend my time creating new things while someone else takes care of the texturing. I have intentions of drawing up another sixty items this year and so on. Problem is I can’t promise anything and there is going to be that period of learning to work with one another and working out the responsibilities. I don’t know it might be a pipe dream, there may be no money in it what so ever, but this work will always be there if it brings in money it will keep bringing it in for a unforeseeable future. It may lead to something really good, who can say.

        Thing is I love doing this sort of work and come what may I will continue to do this sort of work Thing is once you have one of these models built you can rework the buliding or model a little you can have a completely new model or building. same goes with texures. So the chances of a sale is greatly increased.

        I am considered fully disabled and if there is hope for me in the future I see this as my last sort of chance. I am not willing to just lay down and die. I still I have something to offer and prove.

        I want a massive presence when I jump in. 300 to 400 models. I say this because. if I can get off disability I want to possibility of getting completely disability I have to make more then I get right now.

        Now, if you reach the end of this. and are interested the position is open..I Thank you for the compliment on my work. I do work hard on these models. Your work is still tops though, but excuse me if I continue to improve and learn and of course I want to close in on you….lol

  3. Right now I can’t say if getting involved in something like this is something I want to do. My fathers illness is taking up more and more of my time so I may end up doing less and less. Just taking care of him kills alot of my energy to do anything. So I can’t really commit to anything. I do hope that things go well for you.

    • It is not that I can’t do it myself, it is just that in the process of doing it I get lost. I sort of wake up hours later and I have gotten next to nothing done. What I do get done never satisfies me as I am very critical of my own work. I do want to get the word out at any rate. I know how it goes with old folks as we take care my wife’s mother. Got a problem with her right now in that she has a digestive problem and her doctor doesn’t seem to be getting the message that we need further testing done. She keeps losing weight and is down around ninety pounds now. we are very worried at this point. That and the fact the wife still sees her mother as someone that helps take care of the wife when it has clearly changed and it is her mother who needs to be cared for and watched over now…

      You take care now, saw some really good work from you this weekend, keep er up…While you are out there, would you mind checking in on Elvis. Word is he is planning a come back and many of us believe he should stay on the planet he is on now…lol

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