5 comments on “Ships Of The Starfleet Museum part 33

  1. The textures are looking awesome so far, bro. I like the display stand too. 🙂

  2. The Stand huh….lol This looks sharp, would like to see a little bit of orange peel to the paint job…lol Seriously though I do wish the warp engines, (while looking a lot better I might add had a little shader to them. You have me going back and really studying those old star trek episodes to find out what I liked about them and what I would like to see you do with them. I think what is needed is a lighting gel, something the light shines through to create lights and darks within the light itself. try it, you might like it too. Somewhere I have a collection of light gels on my computer. haven’t looked at them for so long I am no longer sure where I store them on this 3 terabit drive that is all chopped up into smaller drives. See these are some of the things I come into contact with being I work in more then one 3D art program. You work in just one and you get “tunnel” vision….lol Over all though, I am loving it!

    • Well all these little ships are just supposed to be side projects to break up the bordom on some of my bigger builds. So I try not to get too complicated with these since the builds are intended to be fast.

      • Let me take a minute here to restate something, Your skills as a modeler are excellent, fast little project to break up the boredom of the larger modeling jobs aside. If I could do this good consistently I would be tickled as a dairy cow in knee high grass….lol

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