7 comments on “Ships Of The U.E.G part 48

  1. What would be really nice is if you what write me a step by step tutor as to how you got this down to one piece. I am trying to draw up a tractor right now and have little parts floating around every where…lol

    • That would be a little difficult since I’m not really good at doing that kind of thing. And I don’t know what you program can do. I’ll try when I get the chance but right now alot of my time is taken up tracking down this guy useing my dad’s social security number.

      • Just thought to let you know, I think Daz is going to stop offering those programs as I know they have stopped developing them. I hope you reported the SSI thing to the federallies> I don’t know how much playing around time you have or how much you like playing with new programs. I wish you luck in stopping that person using your fathers SSI number. A lot of times it turns out to be a seasonal worker or an illegal in my experience. That makes it harder to find them….Again… great work here, love the detail!!!!

  2. That fucking sucks. Having an old house to keep up like we do canbe a bitch on repairs. Having to blow all that cash is a spiked bone job : (

    • We are having a hard time with the mice here, we have birds and dogs so we are limited to what we can do. This old house has so many holes that I don’t know where to start plugging the holes to stop the mice……

      • I know this might seem silly, but what about a couple of rescue cats. Provided they’re fixed 😉

      • well we just got rid of a very good mouser, he got too old and was peeing on everything. The wife wouldn’t let me replace him as she is tired of messing around with the littler box stuff. We did however have to replace the cat as it was the play partner of our dog and our dog was driving us nuts wining at the door thinking his cat might come back. So we got another dog and as luck would have it, he is a pretty good mouser and has gotten our old dog interested in catching mice also. We have a bird room where we keep most of our pet birds and we are catching seven mice per night on those sticky traps. We are now taking up all the bird food at night and keeping the bird food up off the floor. Can’t believe we let it get so out of hand and that mice reproduce so quickly. One night we caught seventeen mice out of the bird room. I am disappointed that the wife is spoiling our new dog that catches mice, she lets the dog sleep with her while she should make him sleep with the birds at night. If I didn’t need the wife to look after me I turn her into the pound and keep the dogs…..lol

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