2 comments on “Claymores!

  1. Well don’t let me be the one to mess with Star fleet Intellegence…lol

    Another excellent job. I hate to go back on myself but I think those “ribs” stick out a bit too much. The first time I rendered a star fleet ship I rendered it in Bryce. Oh, by the way Daz.com is giving away hexagon, byrce and dAZ STUDIO PRO. At any rate I used a very slight shader to give a hint of ribbing. I am still looking for that render on my back up disks…I hate to complain when I more or less “pushed” you into it. I love the design of this ship maybe I should be more careful what I ask for….lol well I just finished uo with a huge project, drew up a window AC unit….lol I went from there to starting to draw out a farmall tractor that is very detailed. I drew up the engine and the starter kept falling off. Then I remembered I forgot to draw in the bolts that hold it on ….silly me

    keep it light


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