12 comments on “Claymore Ortho

  1. Hey, I’m sure we’ve all hit the wrong punctuation mark once or twice (I know I have.) It’s amazing how doing that can turn 70.xxx into 70,000. 😉

    Looks great, bro. I’m amazed at how low the poly count is.

  2. as per usual the warp engines look crappy , maybe a texture or jel light with little “ropes” of plasma running around in it, but as for the rest, solid gold man!

      • You always make me quantify my comments about your work, Yes the warp engines are the best you have done thus far, could they be better, I think yes and you might try playing a little bit with lens flair under filters in photoshop if you have it in the version you have. If I remember correctly you use photoshop elements and I don’t know much about that program…. also there is a separation you can do that makes a separate map of red, yellow and blue that when it puts them back together it makes the image “Pop” a bit more. You will find it under photographic techniques tutors on line! I has been a while for me since I used that technique so I forget the name of it I own both photoshop CS for mac and CS 2 for PC, plus I have all kinds of filters I have collected over the years. You have to remember I helped invent the internet and was there when the first server came on line for the “internet”, I believe that was right around the time Lincoln got himself killed…..lol Gas went up to $.50 a gallon and us old folks thought the end of the world was coming as a result…

  3. Xfozzboute, thanks for bringing this little FASA gem to life. I enjoy seeing it when one of this old Game ships come to life.

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