12 comments on “Star Trek Federation Civil War part 64

      • I presently have about six models waiting for me to UV map them and get the textures ready, ( I have to be in the right mood to tackle this part…LOL). I also need some warmer weather so I can take my camera out and collect some more textures for my massive collection of textures. As I said what you have done looks real good. I noticed you incorporated what looks like ribbing, good for you, so what if they discover a way to put a hull together in the future without any tell tail ribbing, we in the present need some way of quantifying mass…lol It is easy for me, us humans have a built in sense for telling how tall a building is… lol In star wars they put all kinds of little parts on their space ships to give the eye a way of seeing mass, but star trek has those glass smooth ships to reduce drag out in space…lol

        On my latest model I have, fancy windows and doors and will have to frame them in, brick by brick I will have to be in a really good mood to texture that one as it will take several days on stacking bricks to get that one done.

        By the by, I lost my father five years ago, I miss him very much and there are many times the loss feels like it just happened yesterday. He died young and I shall feel the loss always. Hang in there, you simply have no other choice…..

  1. Yeah, I have to be in the right mood to do textures too. I find it kind of tedious alot of the time. I have a horrible camera so I find good ones online. I think that ribbing you are talking about is just that fact that I have yet to add smoothign froups to a few parts. I really should do it as I go along but it tends to be one of the last thing I do.

    I’m good with my brothers death. I stopped talking to him years ago. I miss the money I spent on his funeral more than I could ever miss him.

    • I guess I was still feeling my own loss when I was thinking you weren’t communicating with me anymore because of your brother. I made up my mind and I finally got it through my think head how to use the UV map maker in hexagon. Still a trick or two left in this old hound. I thought I would never figure it out. I just kept repeating the tutorial I found on line until it made sense to me. Now maybe I can put my models together in hexagon and see if exporting an OBJ file from hexagon isn’t better for me….and my models

      Today hexagon is mine, all of it mine I tell you, (can’t tell that I am happy can you?)

      After I finally got it, it hit me how stupid I was not to get it the first time, (please don’t tell anyone!)

      what a set of droopy draws I am wearing for not getting it sooner….lol

      It is okay, if anyone stops in at this moment if you pretend not to know me….(chuckles)

      Catch you later,,,

      And I still say there should be some ribbing, maybe just a hint of it but it should be there, if I can find the render I did of USS enterprise I will show you some ribbing and have it helps create mass on the ship devoid of detail……lol

      I have that file some where in all my back up files really I should

      • well I am not out of the woods as of yet. I practiced on a plain old box and not any complicated shape like the kind I make. I have doubts I will be able to make heads nor tails out of some of my houses or even shapes…. Hexagon is designed to let you decide how the shape is “flattened” out on the virtual page and doesn’t have any set way of laying things out so that they make sense. you know front back sides and so on……

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