9 comments on “I Love House Work Part 17

  1. I know I have sort of been on the “don’t talk to” list around here for some reason but I am putting the finishing touches on thirty some houses of my design to sell on line. I need a little help with my OBJ files and a place to sell my work at. I really need some good advice on this matter. Can’t promise I will take it but I sure would like to hear from you on this matter….

    • I’m sorry if I’ve made you feel that way. It’s not intentional. Including burying my brother a few weeks ago. And losing power to 1/4 of my house for awhile. Sometimes I just forget to respond to things. What do you need? I’ve never sold anything myself but I am thinking I might have something with this piece.

      • You bet you have something there and I have been very patient with you as I knew your brother had passed away, but life goes on and it is high time you acted alive again. I know you don’t need to hear this from me, but you do great work and I hate to see you fritter it all away. This is my first time around too and I am not getting much help in that direction. I have approached yurdigital.com and they seemed excited about the prospect but their quality control fellow has had the art work I sent him as a first installment and here I sit wondering what is taking so long to reveiw my work and Okay it. I needed some help with getting all the textures to be loaded with the obj file. thus far you have to manually fix the screwed up obj file after you load it. I can open the obj file to edit it but what I see there makes no sense to me. Course you know me I am trying to do all this using poser and hexagon. I just don’t have the bucks or the know how to use anything else …

        Help and any advice would be more then welcome, Maybe we could even team up. I do the exteriors and you do the interiors of the buildings. I know I am dreaming again but dreaming is good. Dreams keep you young and dedicated…

        With love and caring

        Carey Feazel

  2. I’ve never heard of yurdigital before. Doesn’t Daz have a marketplace as well? You can also try Turbo Squid and the3dstudio.com. I really don’t know anything about the programs that you use but I assume that OBJ is the native format for them so I don’t know what the problem could be. Is it just a problem with textures or does the object get messed up to. Are you useing different names for the textures? In Max if I don’t make specific names for the textures they can get mixed up if I have multiple models in a scene.

    Right now Daz has made Daz Studio Pro, Bryce 7 pro and Hexagon 2.5 free for a limited time. I’ll try to get Hexagon later this week I can’t say when for sure. I don’t know if it will work because I’ve tried to get Daz Studio twice already and failed for some reason. Maybe then I can get a look at one of your models and try to figure something out. No promises though.

    • unlike you I still have a great deal to learn, not that I suspect you have stopped learning. I have yet to understand how to make a really good obj file. Daz has requirements I do not agree with, ( they don’t allow any squared corners, for them every corner has to be beveled) Daz also wants all unused polygons removed and of course they want as few polygons as they can get. I want as much detail as I can provide so I want more and more polygons in my drawings and I use square corners to define small shapes better. Sp for me Daz is out and as for the other sites. they have so much pure crap in their sites that the good stuff gets buried in them and for the most part their search engines are a joke. No, I want to be part of a smaller site that wants the more detailed work. I don’t however think it will be yur digital, thus far they have proven to be a squirrelly couple of fellows, at least for me anyways.

      The smaller sites don’t bother me because if the product is good and there is a market for it , People will find you…. I don’t want to get involved with having my own site due to the time and money required to develop it… Like in everything I do I am poor boying my work.

      Many of my OBJ’s have bump maps and transparrantcies and they seem to loose either the bump map or the texture map when the file is opened. OBJ is not native to my programs, but of all the export formats my programs do export, I seem to lose the least amount of detail with the OBJ file format, which as I say isn’t anything to write home about….

      I will let you take a look at the one yur is looking at now, can’t arrange it tonight though. to be told anything at all would be a welcome change

      • Beveled corners are a good thing. I bevel all my corners. Getting rid of unneeded polygons is also a good thing. Helps to speed up render times.
        So OBJ is not the native format so that is the reason you’re haveing problems. Max has the same problem. If I try to export to any other format I loose most if not all the texture information. That’s I never export anything. I don’t know any work around for these problems and I’m not sure there even is one.

  3. Hey Rob, I have to say, I always like your stuff, but for some reason the housework stuff really stands out to me. However, I can understand why the sci-fi stuff is much more fun. Sorry to here about Tom. Peace!

    • Hey Steve. How’s it going buddy? I really enjoy doing the house stuff. Gives me a chance to use the Mental Ray renderer instead of the scanline renderer and I canlearn more about lighting things. You me and neckbeard will have to get together one of these days. 😀

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