4 comments on “Project Bike Part 1

  1. American Chopper is actually one of the very few shows that I miss since I don’t have cable anymore. The two tools (Paul Sr. and Paul Jr.) are friggin’ hilarious, but also really great at what they do. That is, they’re great at it when they can stop bickering long enough to do it. 😀

    Neat thingy, whatever it is. I also know very little about motorcycles. I’ve done enough dangerous stuff in my life without riding one of those. 😉

  2. He’s some some stories to tell. 😀
    My buddies company built a bike for the band Creed not that long ago so he got to know the band pretty good. He’s got some great pictures from behind one of their shows. He was given better access than any of the other pro photographers. He was even approached by Rolling Stone but he didn’t want to give them anything.

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