8 comments on “Alt-TOS part 48

  1. I wonder if I could get your comment, I now have a fully licensed copy of lightwave. it is 9.5. I also have version 10 but found out too late it was only the educational version. be that as it may, I work in hexagon right now but I am constantly having to work around a polygon limit that hexagon seems to have. Now here is the question. Do you know light wave and if you do do you think the modeling part of the program is worth stopping my work in hexagon and spend a year or two teaching myself lightwave. (I am a slow learner!) lol) Now as to your work I really like the detail you have added to this, it adds to the “mass” of the object. Am I the only one that thought the first time I saw this on the show, “Gee they have an RV!!! lol yep I think it was modeled after an RV…..

    • I’ve never heard of Hexagon so I can’t say anything about it but I did try Lightwave for a very short time a long time ago and it was a powerful program even back then. I didn’t much care for it because of the UI so I went with Max. Personally I say yeah give lightwave a shot it could’nt hurt to try. You should be able to get great results out of it. And Thanks.

    • I don’t even like that one. It is better, but I still don’t like it.

      I think the original is awesome, Aliens is almost as good. AVP is just OK, they really bungled up a lot of stuff about both alien races in that one. AVP:Requiem is wretched, IMO. (worse than Alien3) It wasn’t even a sequel to AVP. It should have featured the Alien/Predator hybrid, but it didn’t.

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