8 comments on “Cruising For A Bruising

  1. Yes, not every one can have a quad core like mine or a five macs connected to act like one computer like I do. I have the computing power just not the know how or the programs. Mental ray does great work. but so does byrce, carrara, or Vue to my way of thinking. course mental ray has that nurd thing going for it…lol

    I used to process video and that used to take 36 hours or so to compile and make a 5 minute movie. It doesn’t look too bad, your just being too fussy…lol

  2. Nice work, Rob. The far D5 is a bit blurry for my taste, but I know you were going for L.O.D.

    BTW, did you render all 3 ships at once or do them separately and composite them? If you did them together, you can probably shave some time off by doing a composite and it will look fine because none of the ships are overlapping or are casting shadows onto another ship. The reason it took so long is because of all of the materials and shadows in the scene at once.

    • I was that the farther d5 was maybe moving a bit faster than the other two. I actually tried to render them alone but for some reason it kept killing my virtual memory so I decided I’d try doing all the ships at once. And that worked. Not that much of big deal I just set it up and started before I went to work.

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