5 comments on “Ships Of The U.E.G part 43

    • Thanks. I originally thought about this texture while doing the Star Fleet Museum ships. But then I thought it would work perfect here. But I’ll still use the other texture I had come up with first.

  1. I seriously doubt I started you getting down and dirty with all the detail work to create the “illusion” of mass..lol but I would very much like to think I set you towards that course. At any rate I would take a short ride with you anytime around our small solar system in one of these fine ships….lol Course it will have to wait until I get the bugs worked out of my digitizing scanner. thus far people come out as little blobs that squeek, “Help me, help me! lol

    Good work!

    • No it was all you. 😀 I’ve been going back and forth for years on how much detail I want to add. I’ve gone from wanting to do superdetail so it looks great to going just enough to look ok as long as it render fast. And then back to superdetail to moderate detail.
      We could always use those blobs as crewmen or maybe emergency rations. 😀

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