6 comments on “Ships Of The U.E.G part 30

  1. This is really starting to look sharp, your going to have little trouble making this baby look massive, or should I say looks like it has mass. Great work!!!

    • Thanks. The ship isn’t realy gonna be that big. Right now it’s about 230 meters because I stretched it out thinking it was too small. But I might go back and make it a little smaller. It normally would be escorted by at least one Warship.

  2. One of the big differences between “Star Wars” and and “Star trek” is the way they handle mass. A star wars battle ship always look huge and massive while star trek tend to be sleek and rather small looking with very few defining points. I know this has to do with the fact star trek is supposed to be on “friendly” missions and that the author wanted to impress upon us the vast size of the universe and other life forces. Still mass can be shown a number of different ways. When I say mass I don’t mean the physical size of the ship as much as I mean defining detail. The human mind has preset perceptions of what defines mass, a simple thing like the number of windows can help a great deal in defining mass A window suggests a room and a room suggests a certiain size which we all have this concept in our heads what the normal size of a room should be. I hope this gives you an Idea of what I mean by the word “mass”…..

    • Yeah I understand what you are saying. It’s gonna be tough because the only places for windows will be along the side trenches. But I’m hoping the large ballroom windows upfront on the upper bulb will do most of the work for me. Because I’m lazy. 😀

  3. LOL, I suffer from that same affliction. Plus my creation program has a serious limit as to the number of polygons it can handle. At this point I really hate to take like a year off to learn or get up to speed working in another creation program. I have found out though that if you get good enough the program companies will offer you serious discounts trying to get you to work in their programs. Some of them actually gave me their programing in hopes I would take the time to learn them. And you know me I am not really all that good yet….

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