5 comments on “Ships Of The U.E.G part 27

  1. Love the detail work!!!, by the way, my 3D modeling program lags and starts screwing up after the drawing reaches a certain number of faccets, does yours do this too? I obtained a legal copy of light wave 9.5, it is now registered TO ME, what do you think should this old man jump head long into light wave?

  2. Once I get into a higher polygon count my computer will start to lag. Mainly due to gwwing an old shitty computer with not alot of memory.
    I played with lightwave once many many years ago. I didn’t like the UI so I went with Truspce SE first. It’s a solid program and it doesn’t hurt to learn something new.

  3. Nice work on everything. I’m liking the details and the idea for the windows. Having a door on the side makes sense, that way people can step out and have a smoke. 😀 Also, nice start on the engines.

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