4 comments on “Ships Of The Starfleet Museum part 19

  1. Awesomeness, bro. Are the markings separate textures or are those part of the main maps?

    “Godzilla Raids Again” *shudders* I absolutely will not watch the English language version of that movie, it’s so wretched. Even though I understand no Japanese, I watch the Japanese language version with subtitles. It’s actually not a bad movie, nowhere near as good as the first, but not that bad if you don’t watch the version where the Americans fracked it up.

  2. The markings are separate. I use blend materials in Max to do the. Makes it really easy to just switch names and numbers if I have mutiple ships in a scene.

    I know what you mean. I can’t stand dubbed movies. I have to watch with subtitles and I watch alot of foreign movies so I’m really used to it.

    • The only real problem I have with Godzilla Raids Again is that the monster fights they accidentally undercranked the film and it looks a little goofy with these two monsters moving really fast.

      • I like the ones that are tastefully dubbed, like Mothra VS Godzilla. That one was just straight translation, nobody felt the need to do a rewrite or change monster names (or sounds.) Many of the others were just simply dubbed and I like them. I would really like to get a Japanese copy of King Kong VS Godzilla. The US people really messed that one up. They not only added scenes, they also changed the music from an Akira Ifukube score to something else. (blasphemy)

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