3 comments on “Star Trek Federation Civil War part 39

  1. Hey Rob, looks very good! You have a lot of wips running together, and all of then looks to much cool.
    What do you think about to put a bit of green over this ship (like the Ent-b)?
    This bridge gave me inspiration… I´ll have to play a bit with my Apollo Class again.
    You still owns max 6, or already updated it?

    • Thank you. That’s kind of how my mind works. I have a bunch of things going on and almost never finish any of it. 😀 The last picture has a little bit of green from the Excelsior. It’s a little too extreme right now so I will tone it down.
      You’re Apollo is looking real good. Have always liked that ship. Yes I still work with Max 6, can’t see getting the money to upgrade any time soon and my old computer wouldn’t handle it. I only just now add enough memory to give me a gig and the computer is at least 5 years old.

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