6 comments on “UES Amarillo Orthos.

  1. I see nothing wrong when what you have done really nice work. I just about have another house done, Take a look if and when you get a chance. I would appreciate your comments if any

    you can find it here ….

      • Well I decided to go back at it as I am not happy with some of the textures I decided that for what it cost me in memory and for what it costs me in memory to fake the 3d effect with a texture map I might as well draw things like the porch ceiling and the wood for the porch floor out and go with a smaller texture map. might even go back and draw out the door instead of using a boolean operation. Besides I have learned a thing or two doing this house. I haven’t reach the “wow, that is really great stuff!” just yet. Practice and time, makes all the difference.

        I sat down last night did some reading and spent the day today practicing making fillet type cuts…don’t look back, it will be me gaining on you….lol

        Still have not figured out how to bring in a drawing or blue print into hexagon. Once I figure that out I think I can really take off in the program Hexagon. Heck of it is I learned 3D in autocad 9 even up graded to autocad 2000 but can’t figure out how to work in cad 2000 in 3D mode. I am all self taught although I have a degree in art. Even won an international art contest this year with my CG art work, but I am still butting heads a bit when it comes to getting up to speed on this 3D stuff!

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