One comment on “Fiat 500 part 3

  1. If I was able to do something like this it would take of crew of men to keep me from dancing about!!!! lol The problems I see with this is that there are no hard lines in any of this drawing. See I have to look at this from your skill level and not mine and I think you can create a few hard lines in this model to better define the shape of this car. Sure you can cheat somewhat with your textured, but when you get right down to it , it is still a five cent lollipop…lol I would use the term, “nothing pops out at you in this” but I am not sure you know what that means. This is a nice low poly, but it would raise this car to a whole nother plain to give it some hard edges around the windows and doors perhaps. Look at it not as me being a critic but as me offering you a challenge should you decide to take it. This message will self destruct in 10 seconds….lol

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