12 comments on “Ships Of The Starfleet Museum part 16

  1. Looking great, bro. It looks like you’re nearly done with the textures on this one. 🙂

  2. I don’t like the way the two engines attach to the main ship I think they should be tapered or at least have a bit of style to them. I don’t know who designed this maybe it was seem in some star trek show just like it is shown here but the artist doesn’t have to be hog tied by what artist before us have done wrong…lol I would say more but my macaw tells me it is play time so later guys!

  3. Thanks for the URL I enjoyed a visit to the museum very much> I am enjoying the new series “stargate universe” also!

  4. I actually skipped the first few seasons of SG-1 because I hated the movie. But I caught a few episodes and liked it. I was surprised by how good the F/X where.

  5. how about trying to draw up some ships with very real looking battle damage if you are looking for a new challenge….

  6. Have you tried it using transparency texture maps? I call them knock outs then just make some cables to stick out or something like that add a few bodies floating around and you have it….lol Yes, I know it is very easy to say it if you say it fast enough……

  7. Yes, My son came over with a few seasons of SG-1 and I watched them until brain damage was setting in….lol

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