10 comments on “Ships Of The Starfleet Museum part 15

  1. The textures on the Amarillo look great. It’s one of my favorite Starfleet Museum ships. The Krechet model looks good so far also, though I’m not quite as fond of that design.

  2. Nice job! I like the subtle changes you have made, details really, to flesh out the 2D drawings. I’ve always liked both these ships. 2001-ASO meets Star Trek.

  3. I am busy putting together my first few buildings but adding detail is costing me much too much in file size. This is a business old English with the shop down stairs and living quarters up stairs. the up stairs rooms have balconies with spindle type railing. I got it all uv mapped and was putting it together and I stopped have way through putting it together and saved it as object file. It is 64 meg and is only half way put together. That will put the project well over 140 meg or so, which is going to be a hand full for its target program to handle which is Poser. I am also running into problems with the items I made for the building. They are picking up artifacts which can’t be seen in hexagon but show up in poser.
    Right now my life sucks …lol

    As for this, as per usual this is looking great!!!! Any advice you might have for me would be welcome. I talked to one friend that told me that when this “artifacts ” showed up in their computer generated art they just had to start all over again…..

    • I really don’t know how to help you since I don’t know Poser. I don’t know if these artifacts are an issue with anti aliasing or not. You’ll have to look for ways to cheat some of the detail with textures or some other way. Another good idea is to build only what will be seen.

  4. Well I was very very wrong, being that most of the rest of the building was just a repeat of what was already there the whole building came in at a very respectable 14


    The texture maps still have some problems to be worked out. (I am just getting comfortable with texture mapping. Or should I say it is a very uneasy peace….lol)

    I work in hexagon and poser and poser does smooth the maps out so that boolean operations aren’t always successful as they get “smoothed” right out of existence. I have tried to use a program called blender but cutting as many “holes” as I do gets so confusing the drawing never comes out right. Now I realize my humble little bit of work here is hardly on the same scale as what the work you are presently doing and I realize it can be difficult to bother with a beginner like me. It would help if I knew what programs you use. I just bought an educational version of lightwave ten, but thus far it is just sitting in the box as it turns out it was not complete and is missing the doggle. If you get a chance take a look at the artwork I have listed here….talk at you later!!!

    • Well I use 3D studio Max 6. I took a look at what you got and it looks good to me. Booleans are always a problem. I don’t think any program handles them very well. You’re not adding the textures before you boolean? Because that would be part of the problem I think.

  5. Well I use a program called Hexagon and from the stand point of polygon count it handles boolean operations very well. I think the problem comes from my UV mapping program which is Lithunwrap. this program always wants to triangulate the UV maps. I am trying to learn the UV mapping program that comes with hexagon but I am having problems getting used to all the features of this part of the program as it allows you to do a lot more with the UV maps then Lith but is also a lot harder to use for me anyway. I don’t apply texture maps until the model is opened up in Poser. I know enough about max to know it does everything a lot differently then any program I can work with. Maybe I should try “DEEP Paint” again I almost got to the point I understood it fairly well before they made it a “free” program. What are your thoughts on this .

    Listen I know trying to help some one like me is not easy and I don’t want you to feel uncomfortable offering me any advice and I want you to know I am grateful for the fact you even replied to me. I am still a few years away from being able to afford Max if even then and I am bound and determined to do this work all on the up and up and not use any pirated software or anything like that. I am also trying to get set up so I can go back to college but that will have to wait til I have a van which can transport my Power wheel chair to and from school.

    But Hey I am better off today then I was a while ago as I used to have to do my work in a program called Ray Dream studio, in fact I still have it on one of the hard drives in my machines that is running XP pro It is a windows “95” program that still functions well in XP pro….lol

    I do have one other program that I have and that is all legal and that is Carrara, do you know anything about that program? Right now I am saving my pennies to get a newer version of photoshop. If I can get at least version CS4 extended then my problems wit artifacts just might disappear all together. currently my only legal versions of photoshop are CS and CS2.

    Thanks again and talk to you later!!!

    • Well I don’t know anything about Deep Paint. I don’t mind helping if I can. It’s the “If I Can” part that I’m not sure of because I really don’t know all that much about what I’m doing so I don’t feel like I can be all that helpfull if someone asks me questions. I remember Ray Dream Studio. I have carrara but I’ve done nothing with it because I find it kind of a pain in the ass. Instead of photoshop you can always get gimp because it’s free and does just about the same thing. I only use photoshop elements 6 because it came with my Wacom Tablet.

  6. Aren’t we a pair then. Hey while we are on the subject of free programs you ought to get a copy of “true Space” while you can. It is free right now and is available for download at several places on the net. It is another “pain in the ass” programs to work with but I have found that some programs do certain things better then others. I am a photoshop man. I have tried all the others but photoshop just seems to fit me and the way I think and work. I do think they are too damned proud of the program but I do like its features. even photoshop elements works better for me then Gimp. Though I have been able to use a program called “photo Pos Pro” which is another free art program All my copies of photoshop elements programs date back to the early nineties. If you remember Ray dream studio then you might just remember the nineties….lol I have a small computerized drafting table boxed up down in the basement some where and I have another tablet setting right here beside me and my computer consuls. I can’t get used to working with the pen that and the fact my disability makes it hard to hold anything smaller then a large mouse. I have to write with something just slightly smaller then a horses front leg anymore….lol .

    Thanks for the info and I will keep my questions as generic as I can in the future! It is just great to have someone that isn’t bored to tears by answering questions from some one less talented then you are!!!!

  7. Actually True Space 1 was the very first program I started out on. I found it very easy to use. It had it’s limits but was very good.
    Not only do I kindo f remember the 90s I remeber the 70s. 😀

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