5 comments on “Crazy Snow In Chicagoland

  1. I am sorry to report that over acrossed the waters from you we are celebrating, The storm was not so bad over here, in fact I plan to go out sun bathing later today…..not!!!

    We got off light here in the middle of Michigan, at least thus far, but it aint over yet. I saw on the news this morning, you Chicago folks are getting you butts handed to you over there. Still it isn’t as bad as 67, now that was a blizzard!!!!

  2. Join the club, bro. We had ice all night Monday, all day Tuesday and all night Tuesday and it finally switched over to snow sometime this morning. So, while it’s not bad snow, it’s the worst ice storm we’ve had in a few years. Much of the US is being hit by ice, snow or both. This storm is 2,000 miles (3218.69 KM) wide.

  3. well ram that up your butt and see if you walk away from it…lol I remember having to climb up in the attic and go over and kick out the vents of our ranch style home so that we could jump off into a snow drift and came around to the front door and start digging us out so we could open the front door. That was 67 and back in those days we didn’t have shoes to wear…lol The winters in the era were hard winters. It would appear they might be coming back around. Stay home and stay warm there because now it is going to freeze hard. I saw on the news where a few streets there got turned into parking lots. I am sort of glad that maybe just maybe you will never see a winter as hard as this one and you will be telling your grand kids your own bare foot in the snow stories…lol

  4. Indianan looks like like it got the worst of it. But I think it’s moving towards Michigan so good luck with that. 😀 People got stuck on Lake Shore Drive in beautiful downtown Chicago for about 8 hours last night. And by me one of the main designated heating centers lost power and was shut down. I for once didn’t lose power.

    • I had a few flickers of the power going off last night and a couple two or three minute blackouts. About the time I went to call the power company (both times) the power came back on. Then, after a bit, it was on and stayed on.

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