4 comments on “First Pic Of Cast From X-Men First Class

  1. I know who a few of those characters are, but who are some of the others? (there are WAY too many X-men) I know the original ’60s comics are considered antiquated by now but the original “first class” of X-men was Cyclops, Beast, Angel, Marvel Girl (Jean Grey) and Iceman. The rest of those schmucks weren’t there. In fact, the only character in that picture that I can identify from the original comics is Beast and he wasn’t even blue back then. Freakin’ Marvel and their rebooting everything so often. *rolls eyes*

    • Also, in the original 1999 movie, Captain Picard said that Cyclops, Storm and Jean were some of his first students. None of those characters are them!! Marvel is on crack, I swear.

    • Well from left to right it goes. Magneto, Moira MacTaggert, Emma Frost, Azazel, Beast, Havoc, Angel Salvadore, Mystique, Professer X.
      I have no idea who Azazel or Angel Salvadore is and how the hell can Cyclops little brother Havok be an X-Man. I just feels like they picked names out of a hat to see what characters would be in this movie.

      • Yeah, it’s just all kinds of fracked up. I know superhero movies have been the fad since X-Men hit it big, but that doesn’t mean we want ANY superheroes. At least have them make sense. Professor X founded the X-Men, he was never a member. Neither were Magneto or Mystique, to my knowledge. I think I’m going to skip this movie for sure, they’re going too far with it, IMO. They went a little nutty with X-Men III but at least they had actual X-Men in it, not just random mutants thrown together.

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