2 comments on “M’Aangan Fighter

  1. I think the flame trail on the ship should be longer and why not have it leave a slight trail of burnt fuel or what not. At any rate it is cool! big time cool. or what do they use now days? gag me with a spoon or some such thing….lol
    I am always glad to come here to look at what your up to. I am slowly starting to make content for poser because I can’t buy the all the buildings I want to get and my time is pretty inexpensive these days….lol

    • I’m happy with the flame trail since the engine isn’t that big. And leaving a trail of spent fuel would need particles and my computer isn’t a big fan of particles. It would just slow the render down too much.
      Glad you’re making content for poser. You should consider selling to make a few bucks if you can.

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