4 comments on “I Love House Work Part 4

  1. I was going to ask about the missing textures in the 2nd image, then I decided to read the caption. 😉

    That’s some really nice work, bro. Funny, this is kinda putting me in the mood to play The Sims 2. (I wonder why. ;))

  2. I have a Question to ask, see for a render I want to make a city street that has seen combat has blown out buildings and what not. We are talking brick walls with piles of steel and wood in front of the blown out walls. Tried down loading some things for it but the UVs on the things were all wrong. Course being it is going to be a shot looking down the street I can’t have the files be that big because there will be people in there perhaps ten if my quad core doesn’t start choking on the renders…lol I need advise on how I can approach such a project?????

    • I’m not entirerly sure how to go about it. I’ve never tried anything like that. Fist thing I’d try is to fix the UVs. Another thing is the farther buildings are from the camera the easier it would be to use shimple shapes and textures. Just enough to give the impression of buildings. Other than that I’m not to sure about it.

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