5 comments on “Alt-TOS 38

  1. Now let me quantify my comments, First these two shps are beyond my present capability and I like they both the federal ship however is missing something. It doesn’t have the feeling of mass. I know that for reason , most likely to do with their budget,federation ships do tend to be stream lined massless ships, but maybe it would help to create mass by showing a bit of welded or ribeted seams in the ship…..

    Now I am just making a small suggustion as to what trick you might use to create mass, but I am not the master craftsman here…lol

    By the way, Season’s Greetings to you and yours!!!!

    • Thanks. My original intent on building these ships was to make a bunch of parts that I could swap in and out. So I needed to keep them mostly simple. The welded seams is a good idea but not all that useful unless you want to get real close to the object and these ships just aren’t that detailed to get that close to without falling apart. I really only would consider getting this close with some of the shots for the wip images.
      I would also have to decide if the welds should be a texture or actual geometry. I could get away with the texered welds but to actually make them would make too many polygons.

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