3 comments on “What The Freak?!

  1. Yeah, the caption “Great things COME in bears” doesn’t exactly help that 2nd image either. It pretty much just completes the freaky vibe that we were already getting from the thing.

    However, I’m not at all surprised that they’re doing this movie. Practically anything that was kinda/sorta popular in the past is being made into a movie these days. Besides, you know how Hollywood loves to soak each and every dime out of John Q. Public. And nothing works better to rake in profits than kids’ movies. No matter how big of a steaming pile of crap the movie is, children will beg and beg and beg to go see the damn thing until their parents eventually relent. And it’s anther stupid 3D movie, that means 5 to 10 dollars more per ticket automatically, even though it really doesn’t cost that much more to show a 3D movie than it does to show a 2D one. (With computers, it can’t be that much more to make either)

    I swear, there haven’t really been any good movies out this year. Iron Man 2 is about the only movie released in 2010 that I even want to see. (maybe The Expendables, but I’m kinda on the fence with that one) I think it’s a symptom of the writer’s strike. Remember, 2 years ago the Screenwriters’ Guild was on strike and no scripts were getting done. As a result, probably some horrible crap that would never have been approved was approved just to get some movies made (things written by people who weren’t part of the guild.) If you factor in preproduction, shooting and postprodcution, about now is when those movies would be hitting (and hitting they are.) 😦

  2. Well they are making ‘Battleship – the Movie’ 😀 Of course it is now aliens and some special Earth ship that saves the day (or some such nonsense). Asteroids is in discussion and we just suffered through the ‘Cats & Dogs’ sequel (not me – I just heard).

    I saw this a few weeks back at AICN and thought – no way, can;t be real. Then I saw the trailer, can you say ‘direct to DVD’? What a piece of sh@t! I want the guy’s job that thinks this crap up. I could do better with a magic 8 ball.

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