7 comments on “Captain America And Thor

  1. Yeah, I’ve never been a fan of Thor, and that costume isn’t helping me get any more giddy about that movie. I always thought he was a stupid character and not a good representation of the Greek and Roman Gods, which I’ve always found fascinating.

    As for CA, I’ve always been a fan. I haven’t read a lot of CA comics but I like the character. I’ve been looking forward to seeing that film since way back when (the late ’90s, early 21st century) they first started talking about making the film. I see they’ve updated his armor (I guess chain mail isn’t big these days ;)) but I like it. It definitely has a 21st century look to it.

    It’s funny, though, that you mentioned Thor’s costume looking cheap but CA is the film that’s having budget issues. In fact, we might as well call him Captain England because that’s where the movie is being filmed due to budget constraints. It’s pretty bad when you can’t even make a film called Captain America in America (or at least somewhere on the continent.)

  2. CA also takes place during WWII so being in europe is’nt all that bad. Plus the first two Superman movies got made there too. And Batman is played by an Englishman so where CA gets made isn’t all that big a deal with me.

    • It’s not that big a deal to me either it’s just ironic that he’s called Captain America and he ain’t even gonna be in America.

      WWII, eh? I guess that means they’re going to do Cappy right, with him starting out as a super soldier during the war. I wonder if they’ll do the frozen for 30 (or more) years plot or if that will wait for another movie.

  3. I can’t say that these early costume release shots ever look that good, but sometimes they look much better in the context of the film. I’ll certainly reserve judgement until they show up via/netflix, but with so many comic book movies coming out, I won’t exactly be running out to the theater for every one. Superhero’s just aren’t that interesting (except for Batman).

    • And even Batman is kind of a punk now-a-days. 😀 My biggest problem is with Joe Johnston directing Captain America is the guy has no vision. He’s a guy hired by producers and studios to shoot what they want, just like Bret (ratboy) Ratner hence X-Man 3. Just watched his version of The Wolfman and it is incredibly flat.

  4. I’m interested in seeing the Wolfman, but I do have my doubts, since no one seems to like it. Too bad, since it could be such a great series.

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