4 comments on “WTF! Another Resident Evil Movie

  1. Really? I didn’t even think the first movie did that well. I saw about 5 minutes of it and didn’t like it. But then I was never into the RE games either. I had the “director’s cut” of the original game for the Playstation but I didn’t care for the story line.

    As for The Hobbit, they unfortunately went with MGM for that one and they’re damn near broke, so that’s what’s holding up those movies. As for Bond, I haven’t liked the last 3 they’ve made very well, so I’m not exactly crying over that one.

    BTW, I love the Gojira quote you used in this post. I love that movie. 😀 (or at least the American version, though I’ve seen the original Japanese version also)

  2. Yeah the first movie did well. I just didn’t think the second and third one did. I guess I was wrong. The RE games do suck I like the Silent Hill games alot more. I nearly shit myself playing that with the lights off and the surround sound turned up and I don’t scare easily.
    It’s not that they went with MGM for the Hobbit. It’s because MGM owns the rights to the Hobbit, so not much choice. And I enjoyed the last Bond movie more than the last two.
    I can’t watch the American version of Gojira or any foreign film I hate dubs so much. Plus the American version has to many cuts in it. Thankfully the Blu-ray doesn’t have the American version.

    • There were three RE movies? Damn, I didn’t know. I don’t like horror games any more than I like horror movies, so I don’t pay much attention to RE, Silent Hill, any of that stuff.

      As for watching dubbed films, I’m lazy and don’t want to sit and read subtitles for most movies. One exception is Godzilla Raids Again. That was so unbelievably bad because the Americans who dubbed it seemed to want to deny that it was even Godzilla and even changed his name and his signature roar. Then the narration and script are horrible to boot. So, I always watch the Japanese version, which is pretty good, for a film that they rushed out in about 8 or so months.

      And MGM needs to get with the picture and green-light The Hobbit. The two planned films are practically guaranteed to make money, I don’t know why they’re dragging their feet.

  3. Without as much commentary all I can do is agree. I saw announcements on this and went ‘huh!?!’. I vaguely remember the sequel and was surprised to learn there had been a third one. They cost very little to make in the grand scheme of things and make a good return.

    Who knew.

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