4 comments on “Alt-TOS 31

  1. I never was a fan of the coffee stains. I only do them when I do the canon Enterprise because I think they’re fugly. However, as far as coffee stains go, yours looks good. I like the texture work, everything is looking good.

    Are the cats still a work in progress or is that as much detail as they’re going to have?

    • I don’t think the cats will have to much more detail, if any more. I don’t want to run the risk of making it look too advanced. I’m still thinking about it.

      • Yeah, there’s a fine line when you’re doing TOS. Still, they look like they need… something. Maybe a few windows or some singage (or both.) They look a little bare compared to the rest of the ship, IMO.

  2. I might about windows but I was trying to avoid them since the NX doesn’t have any on it’s cats. I might be able to just come up with something with the textures.

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