2 comments on “Never Sleep Again: The Elm Street Legacy

  1. About the remake. I consider Freddy probably my favorite horror franchise, mainly because of Robert Englund. I don’ think there would be a string of movies if not for the lead actor, so replacing him is either very stupid or it will go the way of Star Trek. I’ve seen some strange review going from HATED IT, to it’s the greatest thing that could have happened to “Nightmare on Elm Street”. I will definitely see it at some point, but it won’t bring me to the theater.

    • I avoid remakes like they’re an ugly fat chick with hair on her back. The only one I liked was The Hills Have Eyes but that movie needed a remake. The best thing about Englund as Freddy was his body language. He moved like a predator. I don’t like that they shifted the focus of the new movie on Freddy when it should be on Nancy. I’ll skip this one entirerly just like I did with The Friday The 13th remake. Thankfully the second one has been cancelled.

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