5 comments on “Another Expendables Poster

  1. I might have to get this poster if I see it anywhere. I’ve been disapointed with too many movie I thought looked great but dropped the ball. And in some cases spiked the ball. But once in awhile I find a movie I really thought I’d hate and had alot of fun with it. Like 2010, the whole idea was stupid but I enjoyed it. Yeah I’m not afraid to admit I liked 2010. 😀

  2. You mean 2012? I didn’t want to see that (still don’t) but I gotta admit, it has some really great CGI. At least as good as (if not better than) what I’ve seen on the Avatar previews, yet you don’t hear people raving about the CGI in 2012.

  3. Yeah, stupid me it is 2012. The story is mostly stupid the f/x are outstanding, atleast on Blu-Ray. It should have gotten an Oscar nom for the work done.
    But I did also like the other movie 2010 to. 🙂

  4. I can’t stand disaster movies, (unless the disaster is Godzilla-related ;)) which is why I won’t even touch 2012. Though, I agree, it should have definitely been up for an Oscar for those effects.

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