4 comments on “Alt-TOS 24: It’s Raining Klingons

  1. I like the far left disruptor the best. And that thing that you don’t know what it is is the impulse engine on the D7. They screwed that up on the K’t’inga class when they added the impulse glows below that thing. (idiots)

    Anywho, everything is looking great. :thumb:

  2. I always kind of thought that was where the impulse was on the old D-7. But I like where they are on the K’Tinga. But then again that hole in the front of the ship on the old D-7 was originally the nav deflector before they made it the photon launcher.

    • Yeah, they changed things with the K’t’inga and then ran with them for the Bird of Prey and later ships. It makes sense that the big hole in front is a nav deflector but that’s not how it wound up working.

  3. I agree with old Evil – the left one is my fav but they are all cool. I always thought the top thingy was an impulse / hanger deck combo. This is getting that mean Klingon look you expect – excellent.

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