6 comments on “Two Other Ships I’ve Been Working On For Awhile.

    • Thanks for dropping by.
      Strange thing is Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey was originally called Bill and Ted Go To Hell but the MPAA wouldn’t allow it. But a few years Later we got Jason Goes to hell.

  1. Channeling a little Star Wars are we? 😉 (also a little Catholicism) I like the first one really well, the 2nd one is interesting but I think I have to see more of it to be sure. I like the name, though. It’s from the best RPG ever, IMO. 😀

      • Hey, it’s not a bad thing. I like the SW influence. That’s pretty cool. As I said, KOTOR is an awesome RPG, so the name “Ebon Hawk” made me smile. 😀

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