3 comments on “Another Ship Of The U.E.G Fleet

  1. That’s really sweet. Is this the same model you started a couple years ago or did you start over?

    I absolutely love the warning signs, they were good for a hearty chuckle. Thanks for posting those. 😀

    • Thanks.:) It’s the very same ship. I decided to take another look at and see what needs to be done. So I’ve redone the textures I had on it. I need to bevel a few edges and I will probably rebuild the front half of the ship becaue I was unhappy with the airlocks I had made. I can also do a few other things to lower the polygon count. I have to inject some kind of humor into this stuff and these signs are the best way to do it.:)

      • My favorite is: “Yeah this shit can make your balls fall off.” I just looked at that again and started chuckling again. 😀

        I thought it looked like the same ship. I remember you starting this and then not doing anything else with it, so it’s good to see it again. 🙂

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