5 comments on “Alt-TOS 21

  1. Hey, I know how hard it is to resist the temptation to start a new ST ship. 😉

    That looks cool so far. I’m looking forward to seeing what you do with it. I like the Klingon ship from the movie, what we can see of it. I need to get that book sometime.

    BTW, there is one Klingon who definitely was no pussy: Kruge. He didn’t give a shit about the rules or diplomacy, he saw what he wanted and went for it, no matter who he had to kill. He was harsh.

    • Yeah you are right about Kruge. Of all the Klingons I liked the most. But the Klingons I imagine are animals who decorate their ships with the bodies of their enemies. I had once thought their ships would be wrapped in the skins of their enemies but I didn’t know how I would do that.
      So instead the captains wil have a head gallery. Otherwise a room full of heads on spikes. 🙂

      • IMO, the biggest blow the Klingon Empire was dealt was TNG. The Klingons were hardly seen in TMP, not at all in ST2 but they returned to Trek in a great way in ST3. Kruge was what Klingons should be, he was ruthless, single-minded and just an all-out nasty bad guy. He should have been the model for all future Klingons but instead he was one of the last real Klingon bad guys in Trek.

        The Klingon ambassador in ST4 was a tool, plus there was talk of peace with the Federation (probably because they were also working on TNG at the time.) And then TNG came out and just ruined the Klingons in ST5 & 6 because everyone was forgetting that there was 80 years between those movies and TNG (plenty of time to make peace afterward) and was making the Klingons seem more friendly and moving towards their being the Federation’s friends. It sucked.

        There were 2 Klingons in TNG that lived up to the example set by Kruge in ST3 and they were in the episode Heart of Glory. They were true Klingon bad guys who were ruthless and would stop at nothing to get what they wanted. The one that Vaughn Armstrong played was definitely very Kruge-ish when he was threatening to blow up the Enterprise’s warp core with a disruptor. But, unfortunately, those Klingons were the exception when they should have been the rule.

        Roddenberry should have never made the Federation and Klingon Empire friends, IMO. It just ruined future Klingons.

  2. Yeah you are so right. And Klingons spouting Shakespear. I never liked the fact that they gave them these great looking giant swords and all they ever really did with them was hit people in the head with the blunt end. I kind of get the feeling that the Klingons started the entire rumor of them being really tough just to hide the fact that they aren’t. 😀

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