3 comments on “Iron Man 2 Poster

  1. Ooh, it looks like they’re going to do War Machine in this one. I was afraid they weren’t going to do him because of the similarities between him and the suit Jeff Bridges wore at the end of the first one. I had hoped they wouldn’t count that as War Machine and that they would do the character properly.

    I agree, the first Iron Man is awesome. In fact, I keep meaning to dig out my copy and watch it again. Though, I gotta disagree about The Dark Knight. That’s an awesome flick.

    Thanks for sharing the poster, it looks cool. 😀

    • Well the main bad guy in this one is Wiplash. So I don’t know how War Machine will play a part. Unless they mean to set him up as a baddie for the third movie. I was never a fan of the comic so I don’t know too much about it.

      I enjoyed The Dark Knight but it just wasn’t as fun as Ironman was and feels a bit hollow to me. I enjoy while I watch but don’t think much about it after. Unlike the last Trek movie and Ironman, pure fun.

      • I don’t know as much about that comic as I do some others, so I don’t know much about War Machine either. I just know that Marvel VS. Capcom was one of the few fighting games I used to like back in the day (now I don’t even bother with fighting games) and I used to love playing as War Machine. He had a combo where he’d whip out this huge cannon and you’d get several dozen hits on your opponent. 🙂

        And The Dark Knight isn’t supposed to be fun. It’s supposed to be dark and chilling, as Batman was always intended to be. That’s one thing I never liked about the Robin character, he made Batman less dark. That’s just not right, IMO.

        However, I definitely love Iron Man and Star Trek is da shiznit. They’re bot loads of fun. 😀

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