3 comments on “Rambo 5: The Savage Hunt

  1. Oh hell yeah. I’m a huge Rambo fan. Like you, I didn’t think he had it in him but Rambo was one hell of a fun ride. Like you said, it’s a lot bloodier than the other ones and a lot of other mainstream movies but that just makes it more realistic. When you shoot someone or hack off a limb, there’s a shitload of blood. In fact, I’d say Rambo (2008) is the best of the series, followed closely by First Blood, which used to be my favorite.

    I’m definitely looking forward to another one of these. The mix of a little science fiction sounds fun too. Hopefully Sly will direct this one also, I think that was what made the last one a success. 😀

    • I’m pretty sure he is directing this one. Hopefully The Expendables does well so he can get a good budget for this. I also hope he goes with practical make up effects for the creature.
      Oh yeah your recent avatar kicks ass. Is that from Godzilla 2000?

      • You mean at 3DSciFi? Yeah, that one is from Godzilla 2000. At Lee’s (formerly known as Lord Ravensburg) forum, I have Spacegodzilla and at Oovebei’s forum I have Mechagodzilla 2 (the one from the ’90s.) I was on Wikizilla screwing around the other day and I decided to save some images and make some avatars. 🙂

        As for the movie, I hope for practical makeup effects also. Though, I think Sly will try to keep it as realistic as possible, if a bit futuristic. Though, genetic manipulation isn’t necessarily Sci-Fi these days.

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