1. 🙂 I’ve just about been there a few times myself.;)
    Best of Both Worlds is the main episode we used to play. It would kick everyone’s ass. Q-Pid, Encounter At Farpoint and All Good Things are also good episodes to play.
    I’m still working on a DS9 game. I borrowed alot from this one but still have alot of work to do. And since I just got the first season of TOS I’m gonna have to start thinking about that.

  2. Redemption Pts. 1 & 2 would be another good one. I don’t think there’s too much on that list that doesn’t happen (besides anything with Wesley because he was already off the show) and most of it happens A LOT. 😉

    As for TOS, it’s almost too easy to come up with a drinking game for that. (Dammit Jim, He’s dead Jim, Spock says fascinating, Spock and McCoy fight, a crewman dies on an away team, Scotty strings together a nonsense list of jargon, just to name a few. ;))

  3. I think we played Redemption 1 and 2 and it didn’t work that well. There are alot of good episode that don’t work well with the game.
    Rascals, that’s the one when some of the crew get turned into children. I hated that episode. Mainly due to the fact that I hate children. You know you have a good episode when you have to pause to count all the drinks that have lined up. 🙂 I only have the first two seasons of TNG on DVD, I’m gonna have to catch up.

  4. Yeah, I just looked again and there’s too much specific stuff that doesn’t exactly happen in Redemption. You could have a few drinks with Worf going all Klingon and the Klingons speaking English when they’re alone but that’s about it. *shrugs*

    And I don’t necessarily like Rascals, I just got Season 6 so I’m watching them in order. It’s definitely one of the weaker episodes, though thoughts of the drinking game did make certain things that weren’t funny seem funny to me. 😉

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