4 comments on “Star Trek 2009 there be spoilers here

  1. I still haven’t seen it but I’m looking forward to the DVD. Though, I do know what happens in it (I read the book.) I agree, Vulcan and Amanda dying were great elements because, in Trek, it’s always been too easy to watch an episode for the first time and go “Oh, he/she will survive, he/she is a main character.” (with a few exceptions) I, myself, don’t have a problem with the ship’s looks (I’m not too jazzed about the engineering section but I’m used to it) I just wish they’d decide what size the thing is. That debate is getting old really fast, IMO. I love the Kelvin. 🙂

  2. Yeah the whole debate about the size has become kind of silly. I really don’t care myself. Sad thing is all the other ships in the movie are more interesting and cool looking compared to the new Enterprise.

  3. Yeah, I’m getting fed-up over the whole size thing. I had the misfortune to get into one of those discussions earlier today before I remembered that I don’t care. I agree, the other ships are a lot more interesting. I want to see the movie not only because I like the story and it looks great but also to see the other Federation ships (Kelvin kitbashes) more clearly.

  4. I loved the movie,and it is my second favorite Trek film,surpassed only by the masterpiece that is The Wrath of Khan.

    My favorite part of it was the acting,and the way the characters interacted. Karl Urban was fantastic as McCoy.
    I did find the time travel plot a little weak,and almost generic feeling,but I believe that the next movie will fix that.

    The ships all looked brilliant on the big screen. I just wish Paramount or Bad Robot would release a Tech Manual for all the new ships,or a visual encyclopedia or something.

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