3 comments on “Star Trek Federation Civil War part 3 Starfleet Uniform

  1. It kind of looks like a track suit. BTW, nice going for a first time user of Inkscape. I’ve only used it a few times myself, pretty much for the same reason, to make uniforms.

  2. I always thought the TNG uniforms looked like track suits so I quess it kind of fits. It is loosely based on what I remember of the first pictures of the Playmates action figures from Generations. The uniforms looked nothing like they did in the movie and where more of a cross between the TOS movies and the TNG uniforms. They looked cool and should have used them in my opinion.

  3. You’re right, the TNG uniforms do look like track suits, especially the ones from the first 2 seasons. As far as the Generations thing, they probably had budget issues and had to borrow some uniforms (at least for their extras) from DS9, so they went with the same style. (pure speculation) It did help with continuity, though.

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